Sloping Sites

Ward Builders is experienced with the challenge of sloping blocks & unusual building sites. We’re equipped to create a customised home to suit. These sites are always challenging and we’ll recommend designs that take advantage of any attributes. You’ll end up with a quality, stunning yet… practical home.

Ward Builders is competent in solutions for sloping blocks. If you are considering building on a steep block consider the angle of the slope and which way it faces, the orientation to the sun and the foundations.

The gradient or slope of the block and the direction it faces. Sloping down or up from the road will largely influence the homes design. If sloping upwards – then the garage or carport may be best under the home and build upwards. If the block slopes downwards, a split level home may be the best solution.

The blocks orientation will dictate the location of windows, the direction the living areas and bedrooms. This ensures full advantage of passive solar gain. Ensuring you capture warmth during the colder season whilst maximising any available view. And likewise keeping the home cool in summer will save your energy costs. Shelter from the elements should be factored into the orientation of the home on the block and of course the homes design.

Often with sloping block soil depths can be shallow so there’s a good chance of striking rock. So consider a design that rules out any unnecessary excavation. There can be additional costs to plan for and its best to thoroughly talk through the best options once all other factors are considered. Building on a sloping block definitely has its unique challenges, however the final results are often more pleasing that those on flat blocks.

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All sites are workable with expert know how.