Fly Over Portico Roof & Patio Makeover

This was a complete and much needed make over. We replaced the main outdoor entertaining area with Fly Over Portico Roof. In addition we extended the roof height which made the area seem bigger than it is.

Stage 6 of a ten year (yes 10 years) renovation. This once tired 2 bedroom brick and tile beach house has been completely remodeled and this last renovation stage was the outdoor entertaining area.

It’s barely recognisable. And much cooler.

The old polycarbonate portico roof was low and it trapped in the heat. Because of this trapped heat, the area was never used in Summer. The time that would normally be the peak patio time.

First of all we completely demolished the old portico with it’s low set rafters and ripped up the brick pavers. Then, in its place we put a modern ground concrete floor and a stunning wood lined fly over roof allowing for plenty of light and ventilation.

Then, the bar was replaced with a compressed cement sheet waterfall edge bar. Although this area gets the westerly sun the fly over roof keeps it well ventilated. Just perfect.

Like this?

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