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When planning a large scale renovation, take the time to consider the builder that you will use. After all it’s a big undertaking and you want to get it right.

The starting point should always be budget.

Always determine your budget and finances first, then work out what you want in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Your Sunshine Coast builder should be able to provide functionality for you and aesthetics that you desire.

As local Sunshine Coast builders, we’re renowned for premium-quality workmanship with new custom homes, large renovations and extensions. Depending on your requirements and specifications, you want to ensure that you are engaging with a quality builder for a large renovation because they can be somewhat complex.

You need to understand what you can and can’t do.

Knowing local building regulations, when to apply for a building permit and what inspections are required is essential. Building approvals are required for almost all building works. If you’re renovation involves reconfiguring the floor plan or adding extra room it will certainly need approval. For more on building approvals click here

You can’t simply tear down any wall, builders identify load bearing walls that withstand the weight of your building and shouldn’t be demolished. If you remove a load bearing wall, you can compromise the homes structural integrity. Additionally, check for asbestos and ensure that if there is asbestos present, that it is dealt with the right way. If done the wrong way there are obvious health implications. Looking for a Sunshine Coast builder that’s reliable and able to deal with asbestos correctly is important. Asbestos hides and many of the old building products and are best left to professionals. The council has information sheets on disposal here

Don’t fall into the dollar trap.

Sunshine Coast builders are prevalent here on the Coast, you need to seek out a cost-effective investment with the right builder. Be careful not to fall into the $$ trap. Cheap is never best and it’s the same with building quotes. We often see clients that have been burned before. Gone for the cheapest quote, only to find a myriad of variations because important costs were left out in the beginning.

To save money, you may or may not decide to supply your own PC items (we outline why it might not always be best). Just make sure you are aware of the pros and cons and quality. Cheap plumbing fittings such a flexi hoses might not seem like much… but they can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Just ask your insurance company.

At the end of the day, when you hire a builder you’re paying for their expertise, but also their knowledge of the building process. Renovations are potentially stressful but if you choose Ward Builders, we will achieve what you want within a timely manner and with the least disruption.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and insights so please feel free to continue reading our blog section.

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