For many, they are in the stage of their lives where they are looking to go through their first build or renovation. This can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time because there are so many different things to factor in, and for newbies, they are not sure what to expect. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find the perfect Sunshine Coast builder or Noosa Builder who will complete the task effectively and efficiently. Here at Ward Builders, we want to empower those who are looking for more information so that they can be mentally and financially prepared for their first renovation or custom build. As a Sunshine Coast Builder, we have years of experience in the field and have seen almost every type of situation that can arise.

Because we know the ins and outs of the whole process we are able to educate our clients to ensure that there will be no surprises in the long run. Furthermore, we personally know how to deal and liaise with designers, architects, building suppliers, trades and anyone else who may be involved with a build. We can again relay this to our clients and hopefully give them more of an idea of what to expect.

When looking into Sunshine Coast renovations, extensions, alterations or builds, it’s vital to have a much information as possible before moving forward, so this article will explore this topic a little further.

What to expect when looking into Sunshine Coast renovations

One of the first steps to take when looking into Sunshine Coast renovations & extensions is design and planning. Research is the first thing anyone should do before they start the process. That is, work out what you can and can’t do to help firm up your ideas. Start by calling the Sunshine Coast Council and have your lot number and property ID ready. To read more on this check out “where to start your building project” article.

For new builds and larger modifcations, suitable working plans can be created by a professional architect or designer. With many connections in the business, Ward Builders can point people in the right direction if they don’t know where to start with the design and planning (We also have a comprihensive blog section explaining everythin you need to know). Once the plans have been drawn up, the next best thing to do is to get any necessary enginering and of course… get a obtain a building quote.

Our team can be contacted easily online or via phone to obtain a quote for the work. If clients are happy to move ahead with us, the next thing to do is to gain council approval. While most people have nightmare stories about the council, if you know what to expect, the whole process is relatively straightforward.

Anything that requires structural changes, plumbing, drainage, gas or electrical will need a building approval and council approval. which is done through a building certifier.  Once everything has been approved to go ahead, our team here at Ward Builders can complete the renovation or building project.

Throughout this time, we can work closely with architects or designers if need be.

What to expect when looking into custom new builds on the Sunshine Coast

Looking into custom new builds can be a similar process to extensions & renovations. Before contacting Sunshine Coast Builders to complete the task it is important to ensure that everything is in order with any banks that may be involved. Once the finances are sorted, once again some may like to implement the services of a designer or planner. Others will have purchased a home straight off the plans. Whether clients have a simple idea or full plans with how they want their home to look, Ward builders will be able to build a dream home based on those plans.

One of the design element has been taken care of, again a builder’s permit must be obtained from the council. Working closely with the chosen Noosa builders will be able to help with this process. Once all of this has been completed, all that is left to do is to leave the task in the hands of the professionals.

As it can be seen, there is a little bit involved in organising a build or renovation. Seeking the support of Sunshine Coast builders during this time is sometimes the best way to get knowledgeable information and to have someone guide you along the way. In our experience, there are always unexpected things that can arise throughout a renovation, addition, or build, so it is important to be aware and be prepared for this. Chatting with one of our friendly team members at Ward Builders is the perfect first step for beginners to empower themselves with knowledge.

To read more about renovating or building check our other articles under the blog section of our website.

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