Things to know before building a house

Building or renovating a home on the Sunshine Coast can be one of the most rewarding experiences there is. When so much pride and love is poured into a building, the outcome is often astounding. However, issues can arise for a number of reasons. Often first-time home builders will have a clear idea of what they want but aren’t aware of how much it will actually cost. When building, people can also chop and change their mind about how they want the property to look which can result in miscommunication with builders and designers and mistakes can be made. Finally, it is not uncommon for people to hire unreliable and unpredictable Noosa builders who make the whole process harder or can even leave a property unfinished. To best avoid any negative experiences here are some things to know before building or renovating a house that will also ensure that the best Sunshine Coast builders are found.

Know exactly what your finances are

The first thing to know before building a home is that finances need to be completely in order. This means having a finance or mortgage broker sorted out, and knowing exactly how much can be borrowed to spend on a build or renovation. Professional Sunshine Coast builders are usually more than happy to provide estimates of how much things will cost, so quotes can be obtained to easily factor building costs into the budget. It is also important to look into any grants that may be available to you which can help out with the budget. For example, there may be a government grant available on stamp duty costs or you may be able to apply for a first-home-buyers grant. It is also important to factor in worst-case scenarios. Sunshine Coast renovations rarely go exactly as planned as there may be an unexpected drain placed somewhere on the property or thicker concrete found than expected. Again, professional Noosa builders can be chatted with to establish what surprises usually occur on a build or renovation and how much leeway should be factored into any budget.

Decide on exactly what you want for the home

Once a budget is decided upon, the next thing to know is exactly what is wanted. This means knowing how many rooms are needed and then sticking with it. It is usually a good idea to work with Noosa builders and other trades to let them know how many power points are wanted in each room, where concrete areas are going to go, where cabinetry is going to be placed and so much more. Issues often arrive when people make last-minute decisions to tack on a rumpus room or second garage. It is important to be 100% on what is desired before building a home so costs will not fluctuate and so that everyone involved will be crystal clear about what is going on. When dealing with trades, councils, brokers and more, it is imperative that everyone knows exactly what they are working towards so the build or renovation will go exactly as planned.

Research builders to find a great fit

When finding reputable and reliable Sunshine Coast builders, it is imperative to do some research. This can involve talking to friends and family members about their Sunshine Coast renovations. Reviews can usually be found online or on the business’s Facebook page. Furthermore, it is a good idea to jump on the company’s websites to get a feel for their professionalism and integrity. Great builders will be fully licensed, accredited, and insured and will usually include their portfolio on their website. Honest companies will also be easy to contact and will be happy to provide quotes when requested. Chatting with a team member is a great way to get a sense of their personality and to see if they feel enthusiastic about the project.  Usually, builders that are upfront with their costs and capabilities are the best one to work with and will be the ones that you will return to for your next build or renovation.

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