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Building Process Step 9. Practical Completion

The new build, alteration or renovation has been completed, this section will let you know what to expect.

Once the building work has been completed, and all trades have finished their parts the builder does a “builders clean”. That is, all rubbish removed from site and a general basic clean is undertaken. Some builders may also organise a professional clean on top of this. Next is the Practical Completion Form & Invoice.

Practical Completion

The Practical Completion Form 21 is issued by the Certifier and includes your name, address and space to write a minor defect list. With this in hand you usually inspect the home with your builder, going through each space and discussing anything that you feel is not finished.

During this meeting, you should note down any minor defects that you and your builder agree on. Prior to this, you would usually have regular catch ups and discuss any major concerns which would be dealt with during the build.

Minor defects may be things like paint touch ups. This list is given to the builder is order for them to co-ordinate their team to perform the work in a timely manner.  Not all defects may be defects and the builder does have a right to reply to the defect list… in which case you should negotiate with your builder.

Practical Completion Invoice

Most builders will provide the final invoice with the Practical Completion Form 21. Once this is paid the builder will do a handover with you.


This takes place at the home and is where you’ll be given certificates, keys and warranties. Once handover has taken place you are able to move back in – if you’ve had to move out for the building project. Essentially this is where the builders insurance ends, and your home insurance begins.

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