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Knock down rebuilds are becoming an increasingly popular on the Sunshine Coast. With limited land releases and population growth, more clients are opting to stay put. This guide will walk you through everything there is to know about knock down rebuilds, including the main considerations, and how they stack up against other building options.

Why knock-down & rebuild?

A knock down project means starting from a blank canvas. That is, removing the existing house and building a brand-new home in it’s place. This approach allows homeowners to keep the  location and upgrade to a modern, more customised home. Unlike renovations which are somewhat limited by the existing design, a knock down gives more freedom to re-write the layout, the outlook and where the home sits within the block.

Knock down rebuilds offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive option:

1. No Need to Relocate

The main and most obvious advantage. Stay in your desired location but in a brand-new home. Love the location, win, win.

2. Increased Property Value

Done well and in the right location, a new home can substantially boost the value of your property.

3. Flexibility

Design your home from scratch without constraints of the existing structure. Whether that be larger rooms, a different layout, even a better position on the block. If you have plans for a granny flat, a pool or just more usable space, the main dwelling needs to accommodate this. A knock down may offer that freedom.

4. Leverage old approvals

If the existing footprint is no longer compliant with boundary set back rules, the old footprint can still be incorporated into the new design and remain compliant.

5. Cost-Effective

Repairing, reconfiguring and renovating may not be cost efficient in the long run. Of course, each project is different but it may be more advantageous in the end to knock down and start again.

6. Modern Features

Incorporate the latest building technologies, energy-efficient design and materials to enhance comfort, light and reduce utility costs.

Factors to consider into the plan

Before embarking on a knock down rebuild project, consider everything involved to ensure it’s the right choice:

1. Budget

Assess your financial situation or your financial goals to understand the level of investment you have. Surveying, engineering, certification, design plans and demolition before you start building. Then the obvious costs of the building from there.

2. Land Suitability

Evaluate your block and whether it can support the new build. If you plan to increase the home’s footprint – is there enough land within the boundary parameters or setbacks, to allow for this. Is the entire block usable for the new design or will it require substantial earthworks and or foundations first.

3. Planning and Approvals

Familiarise yourself with local council regulations to see what is possible on your particular block. Overlays such as bush fire or flood zones may be applicable, thus influencing your design considerations and your building approvals.

4. Temporary Accommodation

Plan for where you will live during the entire construction period.

5. Builder Selection

Choose a reputable builder with experience in knock down rebuild projects to ensure an in-depth knowledge, compliance with regulations and of course good quality.

Common misconceptions about knock down rebuilds

There are several misunderstandings that may deter homeowners from considering this option:

1. Too Expensive

All building projects come down to affordability and your individual financial plan. A knock down rebuild could be more cost-effective than extensive renovations home or even buying in a different location.

2. Disruption and Inconvenience

Although the process involves temporary relocation, as most major builds do, the long-term benefits of a new home often outweighs the inconvenience.

3. Lengthy Process

With proper planning and a skilled builder, the timeline can be managed efficiently and with a streamlined construction period.

Comparison with Other Options

When deciding between a knock down rebuild, renovating or buying a new home; consider the following comparisons:

1. Knock Down Rebuild vs. Renovations:

Flexibility:  A knock down allows for greater design flexibility vs the constraints posed with renovating the existing structure.
Cost: Major renovations can become costly as you remedy poor original design and if the home is older, there may be issues needing repair hiding behind the internal linings.
Time: Both options are disruptive to daily life, each has a clear construction period with temporary relocation.

2. Knock Down Rebuild vs. Buying a New Home:

Location: A knock down allows you to stay in your ideal location with the home you want rather than the obvious move. Buying new, usually means an entirely new neighbourhood.
Customisation: Building from scratch provides more opportunities for customization rather than purchasing another home which again, still might not be 100% to your needs.
Value: A new home on your existing land can increase property value more significantly in the long term. Especially if the capital gain is projected to be greater in your current location.

Knocking down and rebuilding is a great way to get a fresh start without leaving behind your Sunshine Coast neighbourhood. By understanding the benefits, considerations and how it compares to other building options, make an informed decision best suited to your circumstances. A knock down might be the ticket to unlocking greater financial gains in your current area. A definite consideration for many sunshine coast properties.


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