Frequently Asked Questions


Each day we receive questions from potential clients trying to navigate the building process and looking for a reliable, trustworthy Sunshine Coast Builder. Here are just some of the answers that may also help you on your journey.

What information do I need in order to get a building quote?

To be able to assign pricing to your project, the builder needs specifications for the job. Depending on the complexity of the project, the blocks attributes (slopes, the base or size), any obstacles, the style, quality or age of the existing home, your Sunshine Coast builder may be able to write simple specifications for you. If need more complex working plans drawn up (either by a Building Designer or Architect) you’ll need to understand your blocks boundaries, setbacks and where the utilities come onto the land. To read more about how to find this information please click here

Do you design homes as well as build?

Sunshine Coast Builder, Ward Builders is a builder and project manager. We work closely with Building Designers and Architects should clients require home design plans but we do not offer this service ourselves.

Can I buy my own PC items to save money?

Yes you can but it’s not usually the not cheapest way or the most practical in the long run. It might save money upfront, but builders do pass on supplier discounts and their suppliers safely store your items until needed, deliver them on time and provide the correct specification information for your builder ahead of time.  To read more about this please click here.

Where do I get home design plans?

You have two options 1) a Building Designer which will cost approx. $2k + which gives you the design and working plans or 2) An architect $6k – $50k, which can be as basic the design and working plans right through to detailing door handles, colours and finishing’s.  It’s important to get it right and it comes down to your priorities and your budget. If you’d like to know more about the differences please click here.

When do I need building approval?

You need building approval when the foot print is changed. If you add extra plumbing or change a structural aspect you’ll also require council approval.
Building that is replaces an existing structure, such a small deck less than 10m2 and no higher than 2.4m above ground, fences that are less than 2m high, don’t need building approval.

Do I need a relaxation?

Not necessarily. A Council Relaxation means applying for permission to build closer to the boundary – past the existing setback. Often you may be able to complete your project without needing this. But if you need an extra 1-2 m,  a relaxation my be a good option to consider. To read more about council relaxations click here

How much per m2 do you charge?

Each project is vastly different, just as some blocks are sloped, others are flat, made from clay and rocks and others pure sand. Each home is different and almost always we find substandard building work when we pull down walls for a home extension or renovation. We can provide an accurate price once we inspect your site and we encourage you to send photos to help give you a ball park estimate… before we get to the site inspection stage.

Why are building quotes so different?

Cheap is not always best and that’s true for almost everything we as consumers buy and use. Building is no different. Quotes are laid out differently, important items can be left out or understated, leaving you to “manage the variations” along the way. If you get a quote vastly cheaper than the rest there is usually always something omitted. What you want is an honest, all inclusive quote, that outlines the projects total cost – upfront.

I want to do some of the work myself and engage a builder. Can it be done under your license?

In short no. We are a Sunshine Coast Builder and project manager. We construct and manage only our own building projects, our building team and subcontractors who we have a close working relationship with. We can’t allow building work by outside trades, builders or owner builders under our license.


Please note Ward Builders is not an advice service, but we are always happy to share our experience and insights to help others through our website Blogs and FAQs.

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