When building the home of your dreams, adding an extension or renovating, it’s important to find the right builder, one that you can trust with your biggest investment, your home.

There are certain attributes of a quality builder such as your Sunshine Coast builder, Ward Builders and it’s wise to consider all angles when selecting the right builder. Professionalism one attribute to consider; does the builder show professionalism when liaising with you? Do they exhibit integrity and courtesy? These are all important questions to ask.

If you’re comfortable with the Sunshine Coast building company representative, find that they are knowledgeable, have insightful answers, conducts themselves with integrity, then that’s a tick.

Expertise is paramount

The builder should be able to demonstrate the quality of their building expertise through a portfolio of their building work. Reputation precedes the builder and seeking out online reviews or references from the builder themselves is vital. Ask around, seek out positive experiences from your friends, family & colleagues because they won’t sugar coat their experience.

Communication is also key to finding the right builder. Do they actively listen to your needs? Can they answer all your questions and if they can’t, are they willing to research to find the answer? These factors are also integral to building a successful relationship with your builder. If they actively listen, reiterate what you’re saying and answer your questions, then this is another tick for the builder.

Costs should be transparent and inclusive showing you exactly what you need to see. You need to know everything from the building cost, to QBCC insurance, certification, engineering if require, the lot.  Often these items are often left to appear cheaper and to win jobs, these jobs can lead to cost blow outs.

Additionally, flexibility is key. Do they provide input into what they can do for you to cater for your requirements? Are they flexible with building an alfresco area or deck/patio? Can they manipulate the bathroom to be the standard that you want? If the builder is flexible with what they can do, such as a glass splashback in the kitchen or a resort-like bathroom then they may be the right builder for you. Consider the luxury inclusions that the builder is willing to throw in. You might want a sunlight in your roof or elegantly designed doors or termite protection. Carefully considering the inclusions is important, balancing cost with what you want will lead to your dream home.

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