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With an abundance of choice and changing trends choosing tiles can be confusing & exhausting. This week we’ve enlisted the help of tile experts Chris & Rodney Lomas from the Coolum Tile & Stone Studio for their top tips for choosing tiles. With 30 industry years experience, they showcase one of the best tile ranges on the coast. Which is precisely why we choose to send our clients here for advice.

Coolum Tile & Stone Studio’s Top Tips For Choosing Tiles

A tile is much more than a practical floor or wall covering. Your choice of tile contributes to the feel of a space just as much as any piece of furniture. For certain spaces (especially kitchens and bathrooms) tile is just about the best material you can use; after all, tile is hard-wearing, long-lasting, non-allergenic, easy to maintain, and it comes in an almost limitless variety of shapes, patterns and colours.

Deciding the right tile for you isn’t always the easiest thing to do so here are our top tips for finding the perfect tile for your project.

Colour & Design

Don’t be too timid – when it comes to colour, it’s easy to play safe but a bold tile design can really make a statement and enhance your home, creating a vibrant talking point out of your bathroom or kitchen.

Equally, make sure the colour fits the space – dark tiles are wonderfully dramatic but can make a small room feel smaller. Make smaller, darker spaces feel more spacious using lighter colours, gloss or metallic finishes, or even glass.

Quality & Cost

Never compromise on quality.

Always know what proportion of your project budget is allocated to tiling. Of course, it’s possible that when you see the options available you want to spend more, but remember it’s not always the cost of the tile that can blow the budget.  Mosaics or even laying tiles in intricate designs can increase the laying costs so always consult your tiler when budgeting.

Tile Material

Choose your material wisely – different types of tile suit different areas.

Think about absorbency and grip – natural stone tiles make beautiful floors but can soak up spillages resulting in staining if not properly sealed. High-gloss glazes are rarely a good choice for wet area floors and for poolside, anti-slip options with textures and/or matte finishes are essential.

Materials, quality, budget, colour and design – these tips should get you thinking along the right lines when choosing your perfect tiles. For more in-depth advice, visit Coolum Tile & Stone Studio!

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