As your local Sunshine Coast builder, Ward Builders is renowned for quality dream homes, renovations and extensions. When seeking a Sunshine Coast builder, it is wise to seek one that offers additional extras and inclusions. Building your home can be an exciting time and what better way to put your stamp on your newly renovated home than a few optional extras. Your custom Sunshine Coast builder can offer optional extras such as intercoms, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), ducted air-conditioning, roof top solar systems to save on energy bills, outdoor living space optimisation and kitchen and bathroom design with classy feature tile finishes. Additionally, your builder can offer larger garages and a home alarm system. That’s what you get when you build with Ward Builders: optional extras and inclusions that make living easy. We understand that you wish to enhance the convenience and experience within your new home so we cater for requests and can work out a cost-effective investment for you.


When seeking optional extras from your custom Sunshine Coast builder, why not consider environmental-friendliness and sustainability by installing a solar system. Grid-connected or off-the-grid solar systems save money on energy bills. Off-the-grid systems use a battery storage back-up for storing solar energy and grid-connected systems are connected to the utility grid. A commitment to eco-friendliness is a wonderful way to be sustainable and a solar system is an optional extra to request. Given that the Sunshine Coast experiences warm sunny weather a good portion of the year you will save an abundance of money with a solar system.

Furthermore, you might consider double-glazing windows as an optional extra and this is one that can be catered for by your local Sunshine Coast builder, Ward Builders. Another cost-effective investment into your home is LED and solar lighting which leads to further cost savings down the track. Solar and LED lighting is affordable and a great way to optimise your outdoor space and illuminate your garden and patio or decking area. Another optional extra you could request is a rain-water tank to save on your water bill. Plus your plants will prefer it over tap water.

Further Optional Extras

Security is a fantastic optional extra for your newly renovated home or custom built home. You can request a home alarm system and this can be installed for you before you move in.

This provides added peace of mind if you have home and contents insurance and can save you money on your insurance. Furthermore, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is another way to provide extra security for your home and you can choose between wired or wireless cameras with a back-to-base security option. These systems will sync to your ipad or phone and you can view cameras every time motion is detected. Another optional extra to consider is heating and cooling. As the name suggests, we have an abundance of sun, conducive to ducted air-conditioning in your home. Additionally, you can select gas feature fireplaces as an optional extra to add warmth during the winter months.

Adding exquisite cabinetry and LED lighting is another way to upgrade your kitchen to how you really want it. This is the same with the bathroom; if you wish for beautiful cabinetry in the bathroom or a spa bath in your bathroom, these are optional extras to request if you have the space. We can upgrade your bathroom with superb tiling, a vanity unit that is aesthetically-pleasing to you and make it a resort-like bathroom for you.